Freshwater and Wetland

Freshwater and wetlands are a significant natural resource, providing valuable ecosystem services to humans and habitat to a huge diversity of wildlife. Additionally, river valleys and floodplains act as corridors for the movement of species, providing important connections to other ecosystems.

South Lanarkshire encompasses the whole upper catchment of the river Clyde and its distinctive valleys and gorges give the region some of its most recognisable landscapes. South Lanarkshire is also home to some of the UK's largest expanses of peatland habitat, particularly blanket bog. In contrast, there are far fewer lochs and ponds than in other areas of Scotland, making those that do occur in the area especially important.

For information on the freshwater and wetlands including the services provided by the ecosystem, distribution maps, threats and the actions which the South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership is taking to conserve and enhance them please see the Freshwater and Wetland Ecosystem Plan.

The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership has set up a working group to examine opportunities for bog and peatland restoration. Information on the group's activities will be posted here as it becomes available.