The Vision


The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership is taking a long-term approach to biodiversity conservation. With this in mind, the Biodiversity Strategy presents a series of long-term visions for the future of South Lanarkshire. These visions won't be realised overnight, in fact many of them may take centuries to come to fruition! However, it is important that we are all working towards a common goal, and accepting that repairing centuries of damage may take centuries itself.

The vision for the South Lanarkshire of the future is:

the future environment of South Lanarkshire will consist of a suite of robust ecosystems, which can adapt to climate changes, without the wide-scale breakdown of local ecosystem services, habitat fragmentation and species extinctions.

The Biodiversity Strategy also presents a long term vision for each of the Ecosystem and cross-cutting themes. They can be found in The Vision.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing biodiversity today. Changes in weather patterns and seasonality are already being seen and the problems are likely to become worse in the coming decades. Biodiversity will require time and space to adapt to current and future climate change, and its associated challenges.

Policies designed to mitigate against the possible impacts of climate change also provide opportunities for biodiversity. A greater emphasis on habitat networks and natural flood management techniques provide scope for habitat restoration and creation, and the development of windfarms provides opportunities for the implementation of more "biodiversity friendly" management techniques.

The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership is particularly concerned about the amount of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases which are released into the atmosphere by damaged and degraded peatlands. A key objective of the partnership is to conserve, and where possible enhance, areas of peatland in South Lanarkshire. We wish to send a clear message that peatland is irreplaceable, and that its value as a carbon sink and habitat cannot be underestimated.

To learn more about climate change adaptation and mitigation and actions being taken by the South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership, please see the Climate Change Plan.

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